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Company Profile

Pursuing people and earth-friendly products.


“Since the foundation, SUZUKAFINE has developed and produced products that meet the need of the age in real time for more than 70 years.
In 1966, taking the initiative in the industry, its attention is paid to possibility of water-based paint, and we developed a coating material considered environment for emulsion-type spray pattern finishes, ROUGHTONE-series. eco-friendly paint. We have advanced production of an earth-friendly product at an early stage.
On the other hand, in 1979, we sold the first solar heat reflective paint,COOL TOP in Japan with accumulating the track record over a long period of time.
On the theme of people and earth-friendly product, we promote vigorously the activity which put the future into the view from now on.

“People and earth-friendly products, the next generation will be promising and safe.”

Management philosophy of SUZUKAFINE

Company Profile

Company name SUZUKA FINE CO., LTD.
Business Headquarters 1058-4 Kusucho-ogura, Yokkaichi-City, Mie,510-0101,Japan
Head office (on registration) 1 Shiohamacho, Yokkaichi-City, Mie,510-0851,Japan
Establishment September 1, 1948
Capital ¥412,340,000
The number of employees 240 persons (As of April 1, 2023)
Correspondent bank
  • The HYAKUGO Bank, Ltd.
  • Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
  • San ju San Bank, Ltd.
  • The Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
President Taku Tanaka
Representative Director Kazuhiro Setsuda
Managing Director Youji Oura
Director Makoto Okuyama
Director Takashi Kusakabe
Director Tatsuya Noiri
Director Nobuo Shibuya
Auditor Yoshihiro Ikeda
Executive Officer Isao Nakanishi
Executive Officer Nobuyuki Yasumura
Executive Officer Yuichi Hirota
Executive Officer Yoshiaki Hirakawa
Executive Officer Mitsutoshi Onoya
(As of April 1, 2024)
Annual Sales ¥8,400 million (term ended March, 2023)
Settling day March 31
Business purpose
  1. The production of paint and pigment, and dealership
  2. Painter business
  3. A design, the construction of engineering works, building works and management
  4. Production of the high-pressure gas materials and dealership
  5. The production dealership of cosmetics and manufacturing industry
  6. The production of the home deodorant and dealership
  7. Production of the food and dealership
  8. The production dealership of the unregulated drug and manufacturing industry
Membership of professional institutions